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July 11

Well today was another tiring day at work. I may be 13 but i need money so hey i work. xP I have a job at a Summer Camp and i teach/help teach/babysit kids that are going to Kindergarden. Imagine how cute they will be, NOT. Thats what i first thought but the kids turned out to be little monsters. When i say little monsters i mean seriously. They behave awfully and they never listen. Over half the class are over talkative and disobedient kids. There are a lot of kids that was bad. Maybe i will describe thtem to you each day. 

Well i helped teach them and nearly lost my patientce with them but i ddint. I woudnt want to get fired or sued now would I? So then they were awful as usual except for some of the girls and one boy. Me and my fellow workers/friends made this Star Chart so which ever kids are good gets a star and by the end of each week they get a prize. Made by me, which i still havent bought the kit i need to make it. xP So maybe im saying 10 out of the 24 students i have are good and gets stars. xP So im pretty sure not much of them i will be giving prizes to. 

After work i went to a friends house to well hang out. And i ending up walking home in the rain with my dumb brother. >>" But hey i got to take a nice hot then cold shower. >>" And here i am not typing this up. :D

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First Entry. Help?

Hello. My name is Lora. I am 13 years old. I am new to LiveJournal. So will someone please help me? I dont get how to work this. Uh. Help? I want to learn. Thanks if you help me. One million thanks. =DDD
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